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Our Lifestyle

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Total immersion into the Jayhawk way of life! Fully bespoke itinerary including food and beverage, ground transportation, destination and activities. Specialized crew professionals to accommodate activity selections; e.g. SCUBA diving or SUP (Stand up paddling) instructors. Advance consultation with your captain to ensure delivery of your personal requests. (please provide a minimum of 48 hours notice for SCUBA or SUP requests)

Rate:                    $16,800 – 72 hour cancellation policy

Fees / Taxes:     $840 (Fuel) / $1,204.05 (Taxes)

Total:                   $18,844.05

Gratuity:             $3,360.0

Grand Total:    $22,204.05

Inquire Directly for seasonal specials.

contact: adamquinn@mac.com / 808.870.5492